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Welcome to Lingerfelt and Associates

Jason B. Lingerfelt, Attorney at Law provides specialized, professional, and personal legal services for real estate closings and residential real estate transactions. With detailed understanding and diligent attention, Lingerfelt and Associates. Where Closings Feel Like Home.

I’ve used Mr. Lingerfelt for several closings, new purchase as well as refinance. Each time, he has taken the time to really explain the details in the closing documents. Clear, unhurried, very professional.

Scott SawyerWoodstock, GA


Smoothly and efficiently handling your real estate closing needs.

Title Preparation

Completion of title work including searches, discovery and resolution of liens and clearing of title.

Closing Representation

Compiling, preparing, and reviewing documents for your closing.

Deed Services

Helping add, or remove, people from the title to your property.